Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#71 goals met!

A few weeks ago I gave my kiddos some lofty goals to try to meet before the end of the month.  You can read all about it here & here.  We were just in a mid-summer slump and kiddos were bored and getting on each other's nerves so I thought a little goal setting would help them out...and don't forget I promise them $5 worth of items at the dollar store!  Oh boy were they motivated....I couldn't believe it!  In all honesty, I didn't think they would be able to overcome some of their goals in that short of time because some of them we had been working on for months {Avery's bike riding} and some of them for YEARS {Evan sleeping in his own room}.  {Now Ellie did work on here "goals", but she didn't really do anything different then she normally would have...I will give her a break...she's only 2 1/2 :).}  Man oh man, did my superheroes crush their goals!  I don't know why I didn't use bribery sooner....yes I know bribery is not the best parenting method, but it's not like I planned a trip to Disney World for them ;).  Like I said before, Evan was very motivated by the "prizes" & Avery was motivated by the fact that he had to be the "winner" all worked out well in the end!

Here were their specific goals I gave each of them:

The boys both mastered all 3 of their goals {Ellie is doing better with potty training & we do sing our ABCs together every day and count to 10 together}.

Since today was the last day of the month we headed to the store for their 5 prizes.  It was like Christmas morning for them ;).
{ninja swords for some superheroes}

{a "smart phone" for a princess :)}

{the whole loot}

{more of these cards...I don't know what it is about them but my BOYS love them...out of their 5 items Avery got 4 packs and Evan got 2 packs...don't tell them, but at the Dollar Tree these things are only $0.25 each...that means mommy saved some $ ;)}

Will I use bribery again?  Yes :)!!  Seriously, it was a good lesson for my kids to talk about some things they could work on and make sure they work on them everyday for a bit!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#69 & #70 we are DONE!

Man my summer cold has taken it's toll on me the past two days {and just when I thought it was gone}...anyways with three kiddos I can't let it keep me down for too long and hopefully I am on the mend, again.  Here's what we have been up to when not just hanging out inside because mom needs to rest :).

#69 Monday:

Playtime at the "Big Tree" with friends.

Haircuts for the boys.  Before {of course Evan wouldn't look at the camera for me...}:

After {Avery had them spike it up :)}:


A little reading in the clubhouse.

And some playing out in the rain.

#70 Tuesday:

After resting most of the morning we headed out to the Arboretum to check out the flowers and to play a bit...and maybe to get it checked off our bucket list :).

Then little Ellie made a "lemonade stand" and sold it to her brothers :)...also an item left on the bucket list {yes it counts ;)}....

And that folks is it.....the summer bucket list is D O N E!!!!  We got everything checked off!!!

Who's ready for fall???  Me, me!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

#67 & #68 supplies, golf, & bike races

It was a really great weekend.  The weather was AWESOME for end of heat, no humidity, and no storms.  I have never felt temperatures this time of year around here in the low 70s!  It makes me SO ready for fall...too bad it's more then a month away!  We tired to take full advantage of this weather and spend as much time as possible outside.  

On day #66 of the summer we did one of my FAVORITE things that I look forward to for most of the year.  The superheroes and I went school supply shopping!  {Yes I am a dork.}  Seriously, I love school supplies and I love them being on sale :).  I think this love might have been one of the biggest factors for me becoming a teacher!  
While Ellie napped we headed to the store to get our goodies.  And yes I might have re-typed their supply list with pictures so they could read it themselves ;).  It was fun and I think they loved it as much as me.

After dinner on Saturday we headed to the park to play mini golf.  Avery made it there and back on his bike!  

The kiddos enjoyed playing even though there might have been a little cheating going on....

Avery & Ryan also hit some balls in the batting cages.

We ended our Saturday by staying outside past the kiddos bedtime catching lightning bugs with the neighbors.

On day #67 of the summer we all headed off to Ryan & Avery's bike "race" {it's not really a race as speed is not the's more of a ride, but Avery likes to call it a race}.  This is Avery's second year doing this race on the tag along with Ryan.  Last year they did the 25 mile loop, but this year they did the 57 mile one!  Yes, Avery rode along for ALL 57 miles!!!  That's a big accomplishment even on a tag along!  Now I do keep Avery's safety in mind...E&E and I follow along in the car through their race and meet them at every pit stop.  We always make sure Avery is happy and wants to continue and give him the option of just riding in the car the rest of the way.  He loved it and wanted to do all the after 5 hours, 5 rest stops, and going through several small towns near us they finished!  

And this is why I think I should switch from running to biking....all they do is EAT!

Most of the rest stops were at parks so E & E had fun too!

Then if that was not enough Avery came home and rode his bike some more...whereas Ryan had to take a nap :).  
Ended our day with more playtime outside with neighbors!

Friday, July 26, 2013

#63, #64, #65 pool days, ice cream, & birthday

Wow, another week of summer down.  Time is flying by lately, maybe that's why I can't seem to be keeping up with blogging either!  We are almost out of summer days around here and it is making me a little sad...especially, since two superheroes will be spending time at school this year and one will be gone all day....oh boy!  We have lots of fun left this summer so we will not waste a day of it.  Here's a look at the past three days:

#63 Wednesday 7/24

Wednesday was just one of those days when you CANNOT wait for school to start ;).  We had a little grumpiness from some superheroes, but still had fun at the pool! 

Then how can you have a bad day with this pretty princess around ;).

#64 Thursday 7/25

Then you have days like this and you never want them to leave home....yes that is just being a parent....with both the good and bad, but really loving it all!

We started our morning with a little trip to the "little" park.

Avery made it to the park and back all by himself on his bike!

We next headed off to registration for the two superheroes.  Evan will be going to preschool and Avery starts 1st grade!  What big boys!  It will be a little interesting keeping up with two kids in school this year!

And then we got to have some ice cream and play time with our MOPS friends!!  So much fun!

If that wasn't enough, the boys headed off to another night of VBS.  I hope these pictures are not an indicator of what their school pics will look like....eek.  I think they need a lesson on how to smile for the camera!

And here's a little look at how the night ended...a boy and his dog!

#65 Friday 7/26

Today was Ryan's birthday!!  We decided to have a picnic at the park with him for lunch. 

And of course playing around.

This afternoon the kiddos were excited when we saw the mommy duck and her babies walking around our neighborhood.  I am pretty sure it is this mommy who had visited us before, but poor thing came before our fence was up and now can't find the way to our pond :(.  We tried leaving our gate open for a bit to see if they could find their way in, but no luck. 

We wrapped up the night with a VBS celebration!  The boys were very cute singing their songs.  It was a little hard to see Avery so this is him leaving the stage.

Evan however was right up front center so I got quite a few shots of him :).  I am impressed that he actually did the movements this year because last year he just stood there and stared at everyone.  He's becoming a big boy!

Hello weekend!