Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from us!
It was a great Christmas at our house with Grandmommy & Granddaddy and Kelsey & Paul coming over in the afternoon...even with Avery getting sick Christmas evening {luckily he was better this morning!}.  Everyone must have been on the nice list this year because they all ended up with what they wanted...Skylanders & minecraft, Paw Patrol stuff, and a princess baby doll.  Here's a glimpse into the craziness of the day...

Now it is time for our yearly tradition of G&G taking the kids for a few days while I put everything away and get the house back in that's a great gift!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

december daily 24

December Daily 24

Merry Christmas Eve!  Just a few picture before going to bed because Santa is going to be here any minute! 

december daily 22&23

Christmas is almost here!  I can't believe it...December went by in a blur.

December Daily 22

On the 22nd of December we had to get up early because Ryan had his scheduled surgery to get the hardware removed from his hip surgery last February.  Hopefully, this will make him have less pain now that it's out...but it also means he will be down with crutches for several more weeks again...

After dropping Ryan off at the hospital {it is NO fun to wait at the hospital with we just dropped him off and went back later to get him :)}...we came back for coloring, craft, and coffee time...I perfect start to our Monday!

Elfy was already for family movie night.

Ryan got done with his surgery right around noon and we got to bring him home today...yeah!  He still has some pain, but it is so nice to have him at home with us!

There's all the pieces they took out of him {the quarter is just for reference to show size ;)}...those things are worth a lot of money!

The kiddos and I worked on filling two boxes for boxing day to help those less fortunate and to make room for new toys.  I am proud of these three for filling a whole box themselves of their toys!

And here's a little glimpse into our night from the perspective of Ellie who took the next three pictures :)...

We finished the night with Home Alone 2.  Avery LOVES both Home Alone 1&2...lots of giggles during the movie!

December Daily 23

Elfy made his own decorated cookie last night!

After a morning of haircuts & grocery shopping we took a break and went swimming at the new community center pool with our friends!  The kids had a blast...a great winter activity!

Then back home to decorate some cookies!

Lots and lots of sprinkles were used!

They did pretty well on their own!

Finally, we made some of our magic recipe reindeer food!

Monday, December 22, 2014

december daily 21

December Daily 21

On the 21st day we took a "little" trip to my grandparent's {Nannie & Papa's} house in Hannibal, MO, which means another 4 hour trip for us {I think everything is 4 hours from us!}.  The drive was worth it to see family and really my kids are wonderful car riders these days and do super on an 8 eight round trip during one day...they have to be, they have grown up with many a car trips!  Seriously, DVDs and iPads are the secrets here...we do not withhold at makes the kids happy & the parents!  Something new that we have also started enjoying in the car are read aloud books on CD.  We are still working our way through Laura Ingalls Wilder books, since this summer {we are currently on By the Shores of Silver Lake}.  We listened to part of the book the entire trip home...everyone enjoys these books & it makes the trip go by super fast!

At Nannie & Papa's house...cousin time!  They started a game of Monopoly {I wonder whose idea that was ;)}...but I don't think they ever finished because eating & presents started.

All the next generation of kiddos!

Of course the favorite time...presents!

And the quick trip was already over...back home.

Elfy enjoyed the trip with us yesterday too...hanging out on the mirror.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

december daily 20

December Daily 20

Today was so nice and relaxing...loved it!  I watched several movies today even...that never happens!  And I might have stayed in my pjs all day :).  

Today's activity was to drive around and look at Christmas lights.
We always do this in our it does seem like we wear our pjs around here a lot...I promise we do get dressed sometimes...

Love the new light display at the farm!

Nothing like all the kiddos & Bella sitting in the front seats with us.

And that's about it for the nice!  

One more thing...Elfy was hiding out in a snowman...

Friday, December 19, 2014

december daily 16&17&18&19

Remember when I said it was going to be a crazy week...well that was no joke!  It was a great week...just jammed pack with fun...hence the lack of posting again.

So let's once again catch up, shall we?

December Daily 16

Santa Elfy had some extra eyes on us Tuesday.

Some last minute errands with this girl while the boys were at school.  Evan had an after school play date so we had some extra time for errands and house cleaning...which was totally needed!

Dinner/homework/activity time...lots to do during the few hours after school!

Our activity tonight was to talk about scriptures that fit with Christmas symbols.

Then after the kiddos went to bed {well they may have been bribed with cookies for breakfast to stay in their rooms...totally a great arrangement made by all} I had a ladies only white elephant/cookie exchange/ugly sweater party at my house!  It was a blast & I think everyone went home a winner ;)!

December Daily 17

Elfy was doing a little coloring this morning...

It was Ellie & mine nannying this girl & how she likes to match me :).  Love my new socks I got as my white elephant present!

After school we fit in a little coloring time before Wednesday night church with the kiddos!

December Daily 18

Hold on to your seats...our Thursday was quite full!

It was Grinch Day for us!  That means some things turn green on this day :)...Elfy at it again with our milk!

I actually made some green pancakes...yes, pancake making happened before doesn't happen often ;).

Lots of excitement this morning because we had our first actual on the ground snow of the season!!

Opening up How the Grinch Stole Christmas today...of course!

A few quick errands and a little baking and Ellie & I head in to lead Evan's winter party in his kindergarten class.  It was a Grinch Party, naturally!  {I totally did almost this same exact party when Avery was in kindergarten...there's nothing wrong with reusing parties :).}

Then more errands after Evan's party...we were on a snow boot hunt and went to two Walmarts and one Target trying to find the right snow boots for everyone!  Phew.  Then back home to whip up Avery's fruit kabobs for his party.  And back to school at 2:00 for the all-school sing along and then to Avery's party.

Yes E&E get to enjoy going to more then one winter party as the younger siblings...they love it.

Ellie got in on a little photo booth action :).

Then as soon as we got back home after school they headed out to play in the snow before it got too dark.  Ryan came home early and took them sledding at a park and for a nature walk.  They loved it!

While they were gone with Ryan I had to whip out lots of sugar cookies for our party was nice to get them done without little hands for once.
However my night wasn't done yet, after dinner I then headed out to a super fun MOPS leaders Christmas party and another white elephant exchange!  Love all these ladies!  I was definitely ready for bed after all that!

December Daily 19

Today was the kiddos first day off of school for winter break!  We started it off right because today was Polar Express Day!  We planned a great play date at church with lots, and lots of MOPs friends who all came in their pjs too!

The kiddos got to do a cute snowman ornament craft, cookie decorating, and I read the Polar Express book.  We love this yearly tradition!

Then why not continue the fun in our pjs...we headed out to a little lunch with our friends afterwards!

Then back home where the boys attempt to make a little snow path to sled down with the last remaining snow.

Ellie also had her last gymnastics class of this year and got a certificate that she is super proud of!

Oh and Elfy was excited about the Polar Express party too today!

We are now watching the movie and I don't think I will be moving from this spot for is so nice to have a night of nothing!