Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween

Happy Halloween from Chop Chop {the Skylander}, Leonardo {the Ninja Turtle}, Minnie Mouse, and the Bumble Bee!

Successful Halloween = Getting so much candy the kiddos start complaining that their candy bag is too heavy and they want to go back home...

Thankfully the rain finally stopped around here to be able to go out trick or treating!  Our first year we didn't need a wagon or someone having to be carried part of the time...these kids are getting big!  

Are my kids the only ones who like the cheap candy???  When we get back and sort through the candy what candy do they say they don't like and are willing to give back out to trick or treaters {yes, we did run out of candy and "recycled" some of our candy back out ;)}?  Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Twix.  What do they hold on to and love more than anything?  Smarties, suckers, weird gummy candies in the shape of body parts...
To answer your way did I give out those GOOD candies to the trick or treaters ;) is going to have to go to the gym more often...

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

the Diamonds vs Green Thunder

 Our fall boys' soccer seasons are now over.  It made us crazy busy, but I will miss it!  I really enjoyed watching both boys play this season!  Evan is 100% just about soccer...right now he says that's the only sport he wants to play...we shall see...  Avery on the other hand has his eye on MANY, MANY sports...he pretty much wants to play it all, but he says his favorite is soccer.  Both our boys played so well this season and they both learned a ton more about this game!

Evan and his Diamonds ending their undefeated season!!!  It's lots of fun when you get to play with all your friends!

The best part...getting your medal!  Although when Evan got it he exclaimed he already had this medal...since it's the same one he got in the spring when he played ;).

Then we have Avery and the Green Thunder's last game.  Ryan & I didn't really know if we would like this whole coaching thing when we started this season...I mean we really didn't even know much about the game.  I think we both kind of loved being Avery's not only get to be proud when your own child does well, but you can take pride in the whole team doing their best!  These 7 first graders will have a special place in my memory because they came to us many who had never really played the sport..who didn't know each other at all...and really did learn so much through the season and grew to work together as a team!

I was kind of nervous for this last game because you always want to end the season on a positive note...I knew we were up against the hardest team on the league and they pretty much blew us out of the water last time they played us.  But our little 7 Green Thunders ALL pulled it off...each one of them played their very best!  We ended up having a tie game {well Avery swears we beat them by one point, but I think the final score was 3-3}!  Those boys make me proud!  Also, I have to brag that even though Avery didn't score a goal on that final game, he rocked the defense!  I think we will be back to coaching again this spring.

So what's next?  Basketball.  Yes, that's right...the boy who wants to play EVERY sport is going to try basketball this winter...stay tuned.  {And no we are not coaching this one ;).}

fun with G&G

A great fall weekend with the grandparents!  We got a lot marked off our fall bucket list too!  Here are lots of pictures of what we did this weekend:

A trip to go Trunk or Treating in the Halloween costumes with the Skylander, Bumble Bee, Minnie Mouse, and Teenage Mutant Turtle!

A little battle with our friend Wolverine.

Opie dressed up too!

We also had our "bonfire" with s'mores!

Snuggling with Granddaddy.

Then we made apple prints...a bit messy!

Of course, played at the park with Grandmommy & Granddaddy.

And decorated our pumpkins!

{love} fall

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

do you want to know where the tooth fairy lives?

Who wants to go on a fairy house hunt?  Yes, you heard correctly, we went in search of some fairy {and gnome houses} this past Sunday!  Apparently, some fairies have taken up residence near us and some people of spotted their homes along a nearby trail!  How exciting, right?!  Thanks to another friend's blog {thanks Rebekah for the idea!!} we first heard about how you could go look at their awesome homes.  We headed out on our bikes  {well Ryan pulled all three kiddos on his bike and I barely kept up on my bike alone} to hunt them out! 
The kiddos were very excited when we started finding them!  

These fairies live well!

We are pretty sure this is the Tooth fairies house.  We just aren't sure where she stashes all of her teeth!

You can even leave notes for some of them!

I think we will definitely go back again to visit the fairies...maybe next time we can catch some of them at home!

It was a nice little family bike ride there and 11 miles round trip on the day after you do a half marathon...who's crazy idea was that....oh yeah....but you can't pass up a beautiful fall day when you have one!

If you live in the area you should make a trip to find the fairies's lots of fun!  You can read here for some more information about them.

And because I can :)'s some recent pictures of our trip to the zoo yesterday as the boys had ANOTHER day off of school!