Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a little fall break

We have been doing lots of fall stuff over the last few days.  The boys had Thursday, Friday, and Monday off of school so we had lots of extra time to relax and have fun!  The best part is we had some beautiful weather during the break!  I love this time of year!

First off, we celebrated the end of some very cute U6 soccer players and their great season!  I love them!  Ryan had lots of fun coaching these boys in their first season together!

Then on Thursday we headed to Schaake's Pumpkin Patch in Lawrence.  This has been a yearly tradition for us the past several years because we love this place!  This year we went with some great friends too!

How did this girl get so old???

Let's go down memory lane a bit...unbelievable!




and 2014



{Is it just me, or does anyone think that Avery grew by leaps and bounds since last year...he looks so much older!}

Time slow down!  
Okay let's get back on track...

We played a little at Pendelton Farms too, which is right down the road.  This "corn bath" was their favorite!

Friday was a little more relaxing.  We played at home and enjoyed beautiful weather outside most of the day.  We did take a little walk over to "old Mcdonalds" for a little "research"...you'll see why in a bit ;).

Nothings better then a stroll to the "little park".

And I ended my night with some wonderful ladies celebrating a few special birthdays!  Love these girls!
Saturday was pretty relaxing too.  Avery did turn his "research" into his communities project.  He chose to construct a fast food restaurant to add to their 2nd grade community :).  Avery played a little soccer on Saturday too.

After church on Sunday both boys had their last soccer games.  At the last second Evan's opposing team canceled on us so the boys were left without another team to play against.  They ended the season with a little scrimmage instead.  Go Fire Rocks!

We had an hour to kill between the two boys' games so we took a little nature walk around the park :).

Then Avery's team wrapped up their season with Avery playing goalie!  Go Crushing Royals!

The Crushing Royals had a little ice cream celebration too!  {on a side note...if you have never had a Culvert's pumpkin concrete...it's a must!!}

Finally on Monday we headed to Louisburg for some more must do fall fun!  First stop, to the Cider Mill.

And watching them unload the apples.

And of course eating their delicious apple cider donuts!!

Then we head over to Powell Pumpkin Patch for the 2nd time this season (I told you I love pumpkin patches) for a little lunch.

and some fun!

During the break they also played for hours and hours outside riding bikes and just hanging out.  It was so nice to relax and slow down a bit!  I love having extra time with them!

Now let's take the crown!

Monday, October 6, 2014

a sweet 4 year old

My sweet "baby" girl turned 4 years old.  Unbelievable!  She is such a big girl all of a sudden.  I love the age of 4...mostly independent without any of the back talking of later.  I am excited to have a 4 year old girl to shop and get pretty with :)!  

My 4 year old Ellie loves....
baby dolls,
playing mom & dad with Evan,
her snuggie, 
pink & red,
side ponytails, 
painted fingernails,
Dora movies,
gymnastics class,
her Daddy & Granddaddy,
sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's room,
shopping with Mommy,
dressing like Mommy...

I love this girl!   

She has been very excited about turning 4 and had a great birthday weekend!  It started with Friday night when G&G came up and she got to open her presents from them.  Some Frozen pjs and Elsa snuggie for the princess along with the princess scooter she told them to get her ;).

Then Saturday the big girl turned 4!

She got a new big girl bike from us and LOVES riding it!

Ellie showing off her new matching gymnastics outfit with her baby :).  She loves matching!

Then it was time for her Pinkalicious Pumpkin birthday party!!!

I love that she loves pumpkins like her mommy :).  Posing in front of her pumpkin cupcakes.


When did everyone get so old??

Party games... pumpkin ring toss... too hard....

some pumpkin bowling...

and pumpkin painting!

So hard at work!

Present time!

And candle time!

Turning 4 is exhausting!

We wrapped up the weekend with some bike riding.  Make way for our family bike gang ;).