Saturday, September 27, 2014

our first pumpkin patch of the year & some Crushing Royals

If you have been around this blog for awhile (well since last fall) then you know that I LOVE, LOVE pumpkin patches!  I don't really know why, but I just love all things about fall and one of those big things are pumpkin patches.  We are blessed to live by several different ones, so be warned this will probably not be the only patch you will see this season ;).  Crazy enough Evan seems to have taken up the love for pumpkin patches too! 

 So on this beautiful, warms Saturday morning we headed down the road 20 minutes to Powell Pumpkin Patch in Louisburg.  We just discovered this one last year and it is definitely one of our favorites because it is FREE, it is not crazy busy, and it is definitely family owned.  No it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other patches have that do cost money, but we are just there to get our pumpkins!  We love a variety too!  Aunt Tamarin joined us this morning too for our little outing!

They chose their pumpkins a pink one {that Ellie is actually standing in front of}, a orange one, and a white one.

Fun times!

Then it was off to Avery's soccer game!  Yes, just Avery was playing today at 1:00 :).  It was so, so nice to be able to just sit and cheer him on!  He almost got a goal, but didn't quite make it in...maybe next time!

Good job Crushing Royals!

everyday life: Friday


Okay here's a quick look at our Friday.  

Wake up time with sleepy kiddos.

Yes, this one is passed out asleep in my bed...a frequent occurrence...and nope I am not really doing much to stop it because I also like my sleep ;).

We are off to nanny once again.  She gets excited to see her friends every morning!

Playtime once again...Evan likes to be able to join in on the fun for about an hour after he gets off from kindergarten.

Then we leave straight from nannying to head to Ellie's 2:00 gymnastics class on Fridays.  She LOVES it!  She gets so excited to have fun with all her friends.  All 4 girls in the class are great friends so it makes for some silly, happy girls :).

Then my Friday afternoon treat because I desperately needed this after a long week!

We get home and it's straight to pjs for this little girl...she's ready for some relaxation and a little conversation on her phone!

Then I got to have a girls night out with some great friends for a special friend's birthday!  It was just what I needed Friday night!  I am blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life!!!

And that wraps up our everyday weekly life.  I will cherish these moments now because I know it will all change again in just a few months.  I love my family!

Friday, September 26, 2014

everyday life: Thursday


Sorry a little behind.  Here's a look at our Thursday.  I call my Thursday mornings my "free" mornings, but it really just means running errands with Ellie.  It's so much easier just shopping with one then all 3!  

Thursday's start early, early again at 5:40 to make it to the 6:10 cardio class.  It's an accomplishment to just wake up at this time ;).

Today I take the boys to school.  There's nothing like cramming in spelling words the last second before drop off.  I don't think I can do this when two kids have spelling test, but we can just barely make it through the list by the time I get to school...I might have to drive around the block again for two boys' lists ;).

Drop off! 

It's all about Ellie & me Thursday mornings!  A trip to Target & then to Aldi...Aldi really needs to open at 8:30 so I don't have to waste time (or rather money $$) at Target before it opens!

Then it's off to preschool Storytime at the library.  This really means 30 minutes of mommy time with her friends who kids also go to Storytime!

Of course you have to checkout something at the library if you go there.  Umm...yep no books in the thought you actually got BOOKS at the library??  Love time with this girl!

I still have to drop off groceries so I do a quick drop off before getting Evan.

Now it's time to get Evan again.

They were actually playing nicely...yes in pjs.  Yep, haven't put all the groceries away yet either...

Then chores, chores, and more chores before time now to get Evan.  It's a lot of time sitting at this school on Tuesdays & least I don't have to do it everyday!

They spent a little time after school enjoying the beautiful weather.

Then Ryan takes all 3 with him to Avery's soccer practice.  

While the kids are away I run to Walmart to pick up some special presents for a little girl who has a birthday next weekend :).  Then I also work on some little Apple pies for Evan's kindergarten class.

It was another long day and bedtime doesn't happen until almost 9. Tired boys who sleep together every night...they just alternate between each boys bed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

everyday life: Wednesday


Here's a look at our day...

These boys get up and get dressed quickly most mornings just so they can have some extra time to do what they want in the mornings.  However, it is then hard to pull them away from this to get them fed and actually in the car...

Another early morning car ride at 7:20 to nanny.  The boys enjoy these days they say so they can play in Evan's classroom before school starts :).

There's always lots of train building going on while we are at their house.

Then after leaving we head to the "castle park" to play with some of Evan's kindergarten friends.  I love that he is already becoming very close with lots of his classmates!  It started raining while we were there, but that didn't stop any of them from having fun.

Then back home just for a few minutes before Avery's pickup, but this boy is already playing library with Ellie.

Another day in the car pickup lane....and yep she fell asleep again...
{The only time I have to read these days...}

Some views of the kiddos while house cleaning, laundry, lunch being packed, and dinner being made by me.

Then homework is done quickly before heading off to Switch Kids at church.  Ryan and I both volunteer to lead Evan's kindergarten group.  Both the boys attend Switch Kids while Ellie goes to play with friends in childcare.  

The boys' favorite part, the weekly dodgeball game.

This makes for a late evening since we don't get home until a little after 8.  Quick snacks, brush teeth, pjs on, and in bed by hopefully 8:30-8:45.

I wrapped up my night with the season finale of Big Brother ;)...loved that Derrick won!!!  Yes, I am a hard core Big Brother fan and have been watching it since the very first season so long's one of the few shows I watch.  Summertime is now officially over now that that show is done with :).

Goodnight...another early morning....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

everyday life: Tuesday


We had a full schedule today!  Lots of great time with lots of friends!

My Tuesday mornings lately start out very early, for me.  That's right wake up at 5:40 am.  If you know me, you know I like my sleep so this time is not a fun time for me :).  

The early wake up time is so I can get to the gym.  I go to a 6:10 workout class so I can get back before Ryan has to go to work.  My time at this gym is coming to an end next week because I only bought a 2-month Groupon for this place.  I love it because I have some great friends who also go to the 6:10 classes...I wouldn't be getting up that early if it weren't for them :).  I am however kind of happy about ending this trial because I don't think I can handle any time in the 5:00 hour for much longer...  I think my next workout phase is going to be just exercising at home because that's as much as my schedule will allow at this point without those crazy hours...more power to you if you love getting up early to work out!  Today's class was kickboxing...that's what the gloves are all is quite fun to get to punch a bag!

Proof that I am up too early...I see the sunrise when I am leaving my workout ;).
Beautiful this morning!

Then it's a quick dash back home to get my breakfast casserole made for MOPS this morning.  

I get it cooking, take a shower, try to look presentable, get three kiddos up and dressed, get three kiddos fed their breakfast of cereal (yeah I don't cook them fancy breakfasts...they just have to smell one being cooked ;), pack up backpacks, make beds, start laundry and get out the door all in a one hour time frame...yes it's crazy!
{Our MOPS shirts this year!}

Then it's a morning drop off of these two boys.  I love seeing them walk into school sweet!

Ellie & I have a few minutes to spare before MOPS so we head to the grocery store to pick up a few quick items.
{Sorry I can't get this picture to go the right way...}

Next, it's off to MOPS!  Ellie & I both love MOPS mornings.  There is nothing better then the fellow moms I have meet through MOPS!  

This morning we had a great speaker on family nutrition.  

As soon as MOPS is over it is time to head back to pick up Evan.  We brought one of Evan's friends home with us for an afternoon playdate.  They had lots of fun playing together all afternoon.

Evan's friend gets picked up and then it is time to go pick up Avery and one of his friends from school for Avery's playdate.  Yes, they both had separate playdates scheduled on the same day.  I love having friends over because it helps keep my kids entertained!  So it was more time playing with friends outside.

After Avery's friend left it is time for dinner, storytime, & homework.  Then we are off to Evan's soccer practice.  Ryan coaches Evan's team so we made practices right down the road at the little's nice to be able to walk to practice!

Avery & Evan love competing against each other all the time.

Back home for baths, snack, and bed.  You see this is the opposite of last night Ellie...this is what it's like at 7:30 when this girl has no nap...but I can get through these meltdowns because it means she goes to sleep by 8:00!

We'll see you tomorrow!