Sunday, June 29, 2014

day 36 & 37 of summer

Day #36 & 37:  Saturday, June 28 & Sunday, June 29

A BIG weekend around here for one little boy...

But first there was some shopping...

And some basketball playing...

A little housework...

One boy did lose another tooth...

Lots of pillow forts while watching the World Cup...

A little scrapbooking, finally...


That's right, this boy just took off riding his bike without training wheels!!!  He was a rockstar and was zooming down the road in no time!!  Amazing!

Just look at him going...

A little action from Avery in this one...

And a little commentary from Ellie on a bunny on this one too...

Avery was so proud of his accomplishment too.

He really grew up today!

On Sunday, after church, Avery had his last regular season baseball game.

He earned his medal!

Then Evan wanted to go on a bike ride to the castle park, which is about a mile away.  That's Avery up front and then Evan behind him with Ryan running beside Evan {Ellie & I brought up the rear in the stroller ;)}.  He did a great job and rode all the way there and back on just two wheels!

At the castle park!

Friday, June 27, 2014

day 34 & 35 of summer

Day #34:  Thursday, June 26

It was our 10 year anniversary!!  What does a husband & wife {who are also a dad & mom to three kiddos} do to celebrate?  Why spend the day working or volunteering at your to your son's kid's camp and then wrapping up the day at your son's baseball game, of course :)!  {Really it was celebrated a few weeks ago in Jamaica...back to reality now.}. In truth, I wouldn't change a thing...I love being with my little family!

Before moving on to's a little Throw Back Thursday to 10 years ago.  So young :)!  Love that guy!
Here's a look 10 years & 3 kiddos later...

Okay back to regular programming...

Yummy Chick-fil-A for volunteers today after camp!

Fun with some friends for the afternoon!

Off to baseball.  What Ellie does during games...rooting through everything in my purse...

Wear mom's sunglasses...

And the boys during Avery's games...Evan has actually started watching the games!

Day #35:  Friday, June 27

Long, fun week of kid's camp at our church!  They end the week off with a little hosing off from the fire department!

Ellie was the only one who wanted to get wet so she got wet with a friend...silly boys didn't want to participate...

The long week needed a nap...according to Ellie...

Then E&E HAD to have some water balloons.

And water balloons on the trampoline!

A relaxing dinner outside to end the week!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

day 33 of summer

Day #33: Wednesday, June 25

Another day of kids camp!

With slushies afterwards!

It wasn't planned, but after hearing that our friends were stuck at the airport for a 9 hour delay, we headed up north to spend some time with them.  It was a fun, unplanned adventure!  

We played by some spitting frogs ;)

Had some frozen yogurt..

And watched How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

day 32 of summer

Day #32:  Tuesday, June 24

Today on the second day of kids camp Avery won a gift card at soccer for raising his hand {that's big for my shy boy!} answering a question about the Bible correctly.  Proud of him!

Then after a trip to the library it was time for book club at our house over Charlotte's Web.  I made a spiderweb snack for the kids.

Then some crafts with these crazy kiddos ;)!

Then after a trip to the gym and a stop to pick up Ryan from work we were off to pick blueberries.  It was good picking tonight and great weather.  We didn't pick a lot this time because it was getting late, but they are yummy!

After a busy day, I love checking on the boys and seeing them snuggled together with their bibles out!  Good night.

Monday, June 23, 2014

day 31 of summer

Day #31:  Monday, June 23

Today was the first day of kids camp at our church.  Avery is the only one old enough to go to it this year, but since I am also volunteering E&E still got to hang out with friends at childcare.  Avery is doing soccer again this year because...well he just LOVES soccer :).  He was a little hesitant going in this morning, but he said he had lots of fun when I picked him up :).

This is a little look at all the kids that are at kids camp...500!

It was an early morning today so a little girl needed a nap today (which means she is still awake while I'm typing this at 10 pm...ugh...vicious cycle!)

These boys did a little word search about camping after the pillow fort explosion happened ;).

Then off to another baseball game and our little slider!