Monday, December 31, 2012

a little deer hunting & snowy day fun

What do 2 superheroes & a princess do in the winter?
Well there's a litle deer hunting with Granddaddy...
{I think this is so cute with their two orange hats sitting up in the deer stand.}
{There's the big deer hunter!  He didn't see anything, but he was out there a good hour in the 19 degree temperatures and still enjoyed himself!}
Then there's building snowmen of course...
{Grandmommy made this snowman kit for us last Christmas and we couldn't use it at all last winter...what a bummer, but we finally got a good snow man buiding snow today!!!}
{Ellie thought the snowman needed a little color.}
Finally, you have to find something for them to do to pass all the times you have to spend indoors...
{It takes up our whole family room, but it could take hours to color it :)...thanks Kelsey!}


I can't believe we are getting ready to begin a new year already!  My goal with this blog is to keep track of all the {small} things that happen in our lives...well is anything really small with a 5, 4, and 2 year old running around!  I can't stop how fast my kiddos are growing up, but I can keep track of what they do along the way.  So if you would like, follow our adventures!