Sunday, August 24, 2014

our public display

“By our baptism then, we were buried with Him and shared His death, in order that,
just as Christ was raised from the dead... so also we may live a NEW LIFE.” Romans 6:4

On Sunday, Ryan and I publicly declared what Christ has done for us in a believer's baptism.  I loved being able to do it together with this man and in a true testimony in front of our kids.  God knew what he was doing putting Ryan in my life!  It was a great afternoon sharing it with others from our church in their annual Lake Olathe Baptism.  I will pray for the day when our kids will want to show their public demonstration of faith.

A pretty blurry and kind of far away, but I loved that Avery was our little'll just have to trust me that it was me first in the video and Ryan second :).

Thursday, August 14, 2014

AND a kindergartner

Wow!  Crazy, right!?  I can't believe Evan is already in kindergarten and that I have TWO boys in elementary school now!  Time is going by so fast!  Evan wasn't the least bit nervous or scared.  In fact he told me that he could just walk in with Avery this morning....what is the deal with these boys of mine??  I am going to walk you in on the first day of school while you are little...silly boys!  So I told him that he didn't want to be the only kindergartner there this morning without his parents...therefore he let Ryan & I escort him in :).  He is totally excited for this helps that his teacher was Avery's teacher and we have gotten to know her pretty well over the past year.  Evan doesn't know any of the other kiddos in his class yet, but he did already play with one boy at recess on the first day so I think he will do great...he definitely isn't shy like I was!

Here's some stats on this boy as of right now...

Most excited about:  playing on the iPads in his classroom
When he grows up he wants to be: Soccer player (like Avery)
Favorite book is:  "My dog book"
Favorite color is:  Red & orange & gold & black & green
Favorite game is:  Minecraft
Favorite thing to eat for lunch is:  cheese wrap
Favorite thing about school is:  recess
The best thing that happened today:  Getting my medal for completing the first day of kindergarten.

I told Avery he better wave to Evan if he ever sees him :).

 Evan with his kindergarten medal!

Evan and his teacher! 

Day one down and ice cream to celebrate!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

a second grader

Second Grade.
We are like in big kid territory.  I don't know when this boy got so old.  He is very excited about this year and isn't nervous one bit!  I love our smaller school and that most of these kiddos know each other by now.  There are three second grade classrooms with only 17 kids in Avery's class...I love that!  Today was only half a day so he got a brief glimpse of the new year before heading back home at lunch time.

Here's some stats on this boy as of right now...

Most excited about:  lockers {yes in second grade}
When he grows up he wants to be:  don't know 
Favorite book is:  Magic Tree House:  Soccer on Sunday
Favorite color is:  Green and Black
Favorite game is:  Soccer
Favorite thing to eat for lunch is:  Mac & Cheese
Favorite thing about school is:  P.E.
The best thing that happened today:  Getting a prize for turning in his summer reading log from his 1st grade teacher!

{Yeah I don't know what's up with those 3 crazy faces either...}

Avery asked me this morning if I could just drop him off at the front aren't in middle school yet!!  Son, I will be walking you to your class at least until the end of elementary school :)...prepare yourself!

Then lunch with Ryan after getting off school.  One half day down.

Tomorrow it's Evan's turn!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

day 78-81 of summer

This is it.  The end of our summer since school is starting tomorrow.  I can't believe it... that school is really starting tomorrow.  Last year I felt more ready for this time of year and needed the structure and routine more, but these three kiddos have gotten a bit easier in their "old" ages and things go a bit smoother.  I'm not quite ready for the slower pace and time together to be done already.  It was a great summer and lots of memories were made!

Day #78-81:  Saturday, August 9-Tuesday, August 12
Now what did we do for the last days of summer...not a whole lot, which I totally wanted it that way.  We needed a slower pace for a few days in preparation for school.

There were pillow forts, of course.

Playing on the XBox in your pjs in the middle of the afternoon.

Church.  {Ryan & I volunteer in Ellie's nursery classroom.}

Cooking, drying, and freezing some fruit and vegetables from our yard!

We did have one last celebration with friends to end our summer!  They played a few Minute to Win It games!  I love that my kiddos have such great friends!

Love this!

And folks that's it...we finished ALL of our summer bucket list!!!!!!

And on the last day of summer, what do you do?  Jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath!

Lots of fun, can't wait until next summer!

 We are ready for a new school year!  Kindergarten and second!

Friday, August 8, 2014

day 75-77 of summer

Day #75-77:  Wednesday, August 6 - Friday, August 8

We are in full-on get ready for school mode around here.  Which means let's fit everything that needs to get done in our last free days because it won't get done during the crazy, busy school year.  This includes:  reading the huge stack of kid's magazines that have collected all year long, get as much read aloud time in as possible {it sadly won't happen very much during the year}, me going through junk drawers and school supply drawers in our house and throwing stuff and more stuff away, labeling a thousand school supplies, and all the last minute appointments...

dentist appointments for all 3 {and ALL 3 were cavity free...yippee!}...

this one had his 7 year well child check up {yes, just 5 months behind on that one}...

and haircuts for this one...

and that one.

Whew I think that covers all the bases for now!

What else has been going on?

This boy received mail!  He's now ready for kindergarten with a letter from his teacher and this book, The Night Before Kindergarten, from his principal!  He's so excited to get started!

Aunt Tamarin came over and had dinner with us.  And did a little vegetable shopping in our backyard :).  Who can spot Ryan in the garden?

Then we had one last fun trip for the summer to a splash park.  Lots of fun with our friends!

And of course, "mom & dad" playtime with these too.  This is what they play e v e r y d a y.  Evan is the mom {we'll see how he likes this story later in life ;)} and Ellie is always the baby.  Apparently babies always wear swimsuits because Evan always has his baby put one on?!  Oh and I don't think I have told you about our latest addition to the backyard.  "Ellie's princess house."  We were donated it from Kelsey's backyard...thanks Kelsey!

Only a few days left...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

day 70-74 of summer

Day #70-74:  Friday, August 1 - Tuesday, August 5

We are exactly ONE week out from school now...CRAZY!  This summer has flown by and I don't think I am really ready for the boys to go back to school yet...we just haven't had enough time!  Our last summer "getaway" was a little trip to G&G's house!  The kiddos did lots of swimming and we did a little back to school shopping.

A spy a little girl in yellow in the tree house.

Crazy, busy shopping at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We made it in and out alive and Evan is in LOVE with his shoes {that we won't let him wear until school starts}.

A little shopping break.


and swimming at a local water park...

down the slide into the pool...

and diving...

and diving by my two little boy fishes who couldn't stay out of the water.  Evan has mastered diving down and getting his belly on the bottom of the pool and Avery is working on a handstand under water!  They are really good little swimmers now!

Taking a break on the "big phones" when they aren't swimming.

And what did those boys do the morning before we left?  Swim!  If you can spot Ellie she is instead playing in the sandbox on the left...she doesn't really enjoy the cold water like those boys.

And back home, finally, to try to get in a routine before school starts.