Sunday, September 29, 2013

soccer, cowboys, camping, & lazy :)

Here's a little catching up from the last week around here...

Evan had some soccer pictures taken and played a little scrimmage game in preparation for their "big" game tomorrow night...

Friday night the boys go camping with Avery's Cub Scout Pack at the park. I think they had lots of fun...the highlight was the s'mores...I told Ryan to take pictures and this is all I get back ;).  It was a nice quiet girl evening with a little shopping thrown in for Ellie & I!

We had a lazy Saturday because of rain, which was much needed!

Then today we had a little cowboy action at Wild West Days with friends!

Avery also scored his very first goal of the season at an angled shot into the goal {ask him about it he is very proud of himself :)} to win the game!!!!  Our Green Thunder boys won 4 to 3....they played awesome...I am very proud of these boys!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

everyday life: day 7


We began our morning at church!

After church and grabbing our lunch to eat in the car we headed out to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival with our friends!  This was our first time to the festival with the kiddos and I think they had a ton of fun!  We will have to plan on going as a yearly tradition. 

{My fairy princess!}

{All the kiddos watching the magician....well I guess not Ellie ;)}

{I think this fits him since he is always trying to trick everyone!}

{My future knight.}

{My princess got her hat!}

{And my knights got their sword and shield.}

{Ellie was the only one who wanted to sit by the mermaid}

{Yes, Ryan is doing a very large hula hoop}

{Baby girl doing it.}

{And Avery trying it out}

{These two had to do everyone of these...}

{I don't think the knight is supposed to be fighting the princess!}

{We have a real knight on our hands now!  He says his new real name is Knight Avery.  Evan didn't want to be knighted.}

{And this girl also got knighted...she is known as Dame Ellie!}

{Completing the obstacle course.}

{They all got issued their magical wands too!}

No better way to end your day than pizza in the living room :).

And that's a wrap on our everyday life...if you want to know what's in store for this week....pretty much push repeat :).  It is a crazy life, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

everyday life: day 6


I woke up bright and EARLY to do a 9 mile run at 6:15 with my running buddy.  It was a bit chilly and I think I saw my breath for the first time this season, but this view was quite pretty...

Nine miles is not fun to do for me, but things are better when you get this as a reward when you are finished!  My first pumpkin spice latte of the season.

I know this seems like I keep posting the same picture, but my kiddos really do swing this much!  

Then it was soccer time for Avery!  No goals for Avery today, but our Green Thunder team played awesome and Avery was a great goalie! 

Avery enjoys cheering on his teammates as much as playing the game.

Our friends came to watch Avery play and they brought us a picnic lunch at the park!  It was yummy!!!  Great friends and lots of fun!

I think Avery is being worked on by the doctor :).

After coming home and having a little nap for Ellie and mom...I can't handle a long run day without a nap :)....we headed to Target to find our Halloween costumes.  It was a success!  We have a Minnie Mouse {she kept saying she was going to be a princess, but she saw the mouse and she didn't want anything else}, a Ninja Turtle, and a Skylander {I think we have paid in more money to the Skylander franchise than anyone else ;)}.

My Skylander than did some cleaning for me!  This is why I love Cub of their assignments was for them to learn and do a new chore for your vacuuming it was!!!

After a fun Norwex cleaning party with friends at our house, it is time for B.E.D.....
one more day to go!

Friday, September 20, 2013

everyday life: day 5


It's been a LONG week so here's a quick look at our Friday in pictures :).

On to the weekend!