Friday, May 30, 2014

day 7 of summer

Day #7:  Friday, May 30

Wow this week has flown by!  I can't believe we are already a week into summer break!

Since we didn't stay home yesterday...I made a point to not leave the house today :).  

We started with breakfast in bed!

Then the kiddos had their friends over and they had lots of fun all morning!

Then lots of pillow forts happened...

We also made some paper plate crafts.  The kiddos chose not to do a cute ladybug, octopus, or sun...
Instead they wanted to make their own creations, which turned into a frisbee, holder thing, and a donut ;)

Next, we did some balloon science experiments....these were super fun and here's the link to what we used:

Try blowing up a ballon in a bottle...

Then poke a tiny home in the bottom and blow again...

Hold a balloon over a flame...instant pop, but put a little water in the balloon before blowing it up and...

Use vinegar & baking soda to make the balloon blow itself up!

We finished the night by eating outside and playing a fun game with chalk and a couple bean bags.

Our game ended suddenly when we got a freak 5 minute rain shower like we have been getting recently...totally not normal Kansas rain...

day 6 of summer

Day #6:  Thursday, May 29

Confession:  During our very week of our summer, I already changed around our summer schedule...the schedule is there to kind of keep us on track and getting in all the stuff we want to do this summer, but it is made to be flexible!

So really instead of Throw Together Thursday yesterday where we were supposed to do activities at home, we had more of a Fresh & Fun Thursday.

We were supposed to start our day off with strawberry picking at a local farm.  However, after being closed down for two days for re-ripening and only being open for an hour that morning, they were already picked out!  Bummer, we will try again soon, hopefully. 

 Therefore, with our lunches already packed and since we were already out of the house we headed to a park to play and eat lunch with our friends.   It is already too hot around here and its only May!  It was quite a sweaty time until we found some shade to play in.

{Disclaimer:  I am letting the kids do a free-for-all on what they wear each day this summer (except maybe church days) so they will NOT match and you will see them in the same clothes frequently...just letting you know this is not my doing ;)}

One of the kiddos choices for what they wanted to do this week was to go shopping to spend some of their allowance money.  We went two stores with the boys...that was two stores too many with Mr. Evan...oh boy he is NOT fun to shop with!!!

{Look closely, that is Evan behind Avery still trying to decide what he wanted to buy...}

After too much shopping we headed home and made some energy balls.

And the kiddos worked on some of their crafts they purchased. 
Avery helped Ellie color her wooden dress up doll.

I think you can tell you colored the actual doll :)...

Then we made some bouncy balls with Evan's purchase.  This was actually pretty cool!

They really do bounce!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

day 5 of summer

Day #5:  Wednesday, May 28

Today was Wet & Wild Wednesday! 

But first we started the day...
with a trip to the gym and then we headed to a bounce house to play with some friends and run off some energy!

We tried getting a picture of 7 kids coming down the slide together...yeah that didn't really here they are in stages.

Then home for lunch and some screen time {aka mom's break time :)}.  And finally some wet & wild time!  We played with our water guns today.  I can't believe how warm it is out already (middle 80s)...I hope this isn't signs for things to come!

Lastly, I ended my day in one of the best ways possible...eating out with some of the best ladies!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

day 4 of summer

Day #4:  Tuesday, May 27

Wow we have barely gotten into this summer vacation and I felt like the day flew by with a ton of stuff going on!  This summer is going to be over before we know it!!!

Okay today was our first day using our "schedule", which meant it was Thinking Tuesday.  We started off the morning with a picture book and a craft.  We read Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm.  It's a super cute book about a man who grows balloons in his field instead of vegetables and all of his balloons have crazy faces.  So that's what we made!

Then I had a meeting at church where the kiddos still got to hang out with some friends!
After that, we headed to the library to check out some books...well I really mean movies ;) at the library.

Next was our first book club!  We have lots of friends coming over each week to discuss the chapter books we are reading together this summer.  Our first chapter book is The BFG {my favorite!}.  The kiddos are very excited about getting started...hopefully it stays this way!

After the gym, dinner, and baths the kiddos were wiped out!

Monday, May 26, 2014

days 1, 2 & 3 of summer

I'm already behind on this daily summer blogging...
sorry it's going to happen ;).  
I am excited to document our 101 days of summer {yes, I made it 101 because I started this Saturday, May 24 and will run it until Labor Day} again!  So follow along on our journey and I will try to post it daily as much as possible :).

Day #1:  Saturday, May 24

We went to G&G's house for the long weekend.  To just hang out and do all the fun things there are to do at their house in the country.  We told the kiddos that they could swim at their house this weekend...we weren't expecting them to still want to do it when it was only 64 degrees outside and raining!  They still enjoyed themselves, and luckily the pool was at least 10 degrees warmer than it was outside.  

G&G also finished off the platforms for the zipline.  Evan was the first one to really get into it and do it by himself!

We already got our first item marked off our bucket list...root beer floats!

Day #2:  Sunday, May 25

While the boys went on an afternoon float trip and fishing {another item marked off our bucket list!} with Ryan, Ellie got some alone time swimming...

And while the boys are away we paint our toenails!

Then the boys come back and there's more swimming...the weather is warmer, but that pool is cold...don't let them fool you!

More zipline action!

Day #3:  Monday, May 26

We head back home today after a fun weekend at G&G's house!  Ellie was excited to wear this dress all weekend, but I told her she had to wait until Monday since it was red, white, & blue for Memorial Day.  She was so excited when she got up this morning she proclaimed it "Monday"...which meant she got to wear this dress :).

You know it's a good weekend when you pass out at 6:10 pm for the night.