Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter weekend 2015

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Love my family & friends!  Here's a quick recap.

Ryan had Friday off work (boo to the school district for not taking Good Friday off) so he stayed home with Ellie while the boys were at school and I nannied.  Ellie loved having time alone with her daddy!  They played a little princesses and got a little dirt...sounds like a perfect combo :).  Love them both!

Grandmommy & Granddaddy came up for the weekend and Kelsey came over.  Fun times looking through the kiddos old baby books.

A little catch with Granddaddy!

Then off to the soccer fields to cheer on the boys!  The boys love having a cheering section!

Go Gators!

& Gators!

We get home to find that we had been "Egged" by some great friends!  An Easter egg hunt in our front yard!

An Easter egg hunt with G&G and some Easter gifts and my birthday gifts all on Saturday night with the family!

Then off course dying some eggs!

Sunday morning it was the hunt for the Easter egg baskets!  Evan found his pretty quickly under the chair.

Ellie found hers next up high on the china cabinet.

Avery's basket was pretty hard to find this year...but he finally did find it hidden behind some cereal boxes in the pantry.

Some happy (and tired :) kiddos.

Some gifts included this cross necklace for Ellie.

And Avery's new action bible (he doesn't really look like it, but he was pretty excited about it:).  Love the comic book approach to the bible! 

We are ready to head off to church!

Avery church we had the aunts and some friends over for lunch and another egg hunt!  They are ready!

Eggs down low...

...and eggs way up high!

We wrapped up the weekend with a real raw egg fight with some friends!  Lots of eggs being broken on each other...a little bit of crying because they were a mess or brother threw one in your face...but they had lots of fun!

You can't tell it in this picture, but we were a mess.  Especially me and the back of my head that Ryan got with an egg....payback mister ;).....

We are blessed!  


Shelley said...

Sounds like a super fun Easter weekend. So glad that I am not the only one who still hides their kids easter baskets.. Mine was always hid when I was a child and I do it for the boys but I read so many posts and many parents don't hide them. I always thought that was the best part searching high and low Easter morning.

Carrie Stark said...

Yeah Shelley I never did it as a kid...Ryan did. We love hiding them because it makes the morning last a little longer ;).