Saturday, April 25, 2015

April around here

Our April is almost over...we have had lots of fun around here and have tried to stay intentional with our time even in the busy seasons of our life.  I can't even believe all the wonderful people we have around us who are such a blessing on our whole families lives.  We have loved the spring temperatures!  I just wish the rain would stop canceling our games because it's making our May even busier than it was originally, but we will make it work!
Our April has been about tree climbing {of course on our weeping willow}, soccer x3, baseball practices, a little "April Shower", growing in my faith and relationships with women at church, a boy learning about his dad's work, some muffin eating, friendships & a "puggy"....  {love}
Thank you God for all your blessings!

Love this tree, these three, and the memories they will have of this...

My little Blue Angel ready to start her soccer season!

Love our bitty soccer Blue Angels team!!

Yep, looks about right for bitty soccer ;)

Thank you Coach Ryan x 2!  

Now look at these tough Green Grenades :).

Love the tongue action from this boy!

My little Green Gator too!  Such a hard working team!  We love soccer around here!

But we also love baseball...and our boys practices are in full swing!  Can't wait to see these two play this season!
First, we have Avery on the Bathtubs!  No joke, that's their name :)!  Avery's looking good at practices.

This boy is starting his debut baseball season...I think the baseball pants are pretty cute on him!

We had a little "April Shower to bring a May flower" baby shower here.  Lots of fun and can't wait to meet the sweet baby girl!

MOPS is a big part of my life and I have made so many wonderful relationships through it.  In April, we had our yearly MOPS & POPS event where the husbands come too.  It was a great 80s party!

Avery had his first "official" take your child to work day with Ryan because Garmin's program starts with 2nd graders.  Avery loved his afternoon learning about being an engineer!

Since Ryan makes GPS for airplanes, Avery got to pilot using Garmin's GPS a simulated airplane.  Ryan said Avery landed without crashing...yeah :)!

Avery also made an electromagnetic fishing pole.

And a little picture taking in the "superhero" staircase with his friend!

Avery as a little engineer at Ryan's cute!  Thanks Garmin for making families a priority!

I got a little time with my boys too at Muffins with Mom!  Love being able to do these things with my kiddos!

A free Friday afternoon with some friends watching the 3D version of Home!  So fun!

And we'll wrap up this post with the last member of our family...Bella.  A "little puggy" wearing a little pug shirt....oh Evan.

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